Nick Robinson - lead Designer


The owner and lead designer for Nix Graphix, Nick Robinson. He is a 22 year old father of one and married to the love of his life. Starting out as a gamer, he fell in love with Photoshop after learning it to make his own channel graphics. After a while he begin picking up side jobs for friends. Once he learned that he had a passion for it, he decided to take classes to provide the best possible product for clients, and eventually decided to turn it into a business with his best friend. Thus, Nix Graphix was born. 

Michael Harrold - Co lead Designer


Michael Harrold, the best friend of the owner and teammate/duo in their competitive gaming endeavors, is co lead of Nix Graphix. Michael is 25 years of age, married to his best friend. Michael has been Nick's number one supporter since the beginning, when he was creating graphics for just himself. Nick could always count on Michael to provide input, opinion, and insight on projects to help perfect his product. Michael began his graphic design career using the software 'gimp' but has made the transition to Photoshop even studying the same courses used by the owner. Now with both of their minds and creative skills together, there is nothing they can't design for you!