Affordable designs

Bringing you imagination to life!

About Us

Our Goal

Nix Graphix was created to allow everyday business owners, content creators, and musicians; an easy and affordable method of personalizing their business, channel, brand. Starting out as a hobby, we have been privileged to work with great and skillful people to help create the design perfect for them. So let us help you!

Creating a Presence

The best way to draw attention is with flashy graphics and animations, we can help! By working with us, we will work to create your ideal image and cater to your desires. We want your final product to be the vision foreseen inside your mind. 

Be Seen

Your business, channel, or brand is the result of your hard work and dedication to further yourself and do what you love. Everyone needs a helping hand. With our skilled team of graphic designers, we will work hard to provide you means to better stylize your passion. 

Nix Graphix works across the board providing graphics to those in need. We have done album covers for musicians, logos for businesses and gamers, and even loyalty badges and emotes for content creators. If you need it, we can do it!